22 MARCH 2014 ~ Retail Positioning in Forex

As part of an ongoing series, I’m keeping one eye on the relative Long and Short positions of retail Forex traders. Does this information provide any trading clues? Let’s try and find out.

Here are my latest observations:

A generally rising market, in which the retail crowd are generally… short (?) !
The recent and sudden initiation of long positions and subsequent reversal to net short (the green/red cross-over) may signal a good buying opportunity below 1.38000.

Something interesting?

Something interesting?

Did the Thursday/Friday green/red cross-over provide a reliable buy signal?

Possible signal?

Possible signal?

Despite the recent rally, I’m still calling this a down-trend. Are we about to witness a red/green cross-over and potentially a reliable sell signal?

A clue from the retail crowd?

A clue from the retail crowd?

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