26 April 2014 ~ Taking Stock Of Recent News Plays

Despite my lack of video updates lately, rest assured I have been recording my screen. There just hasn’t been any particular news items worth adding to the Harry Hindsight Highlight Reel.

Instead, seeing as it’s the weekend, I thought it would be nice to take a quick look back at the S&P 500 chart, for the last 5 days, making notes of where news contributed to the market action.

Two things to note:

1) The Twitter Rumours regarding a possible emergency Putin Conference caused an obvious stir – but I watched back the replays, and the information came out in dribs and drabs, as you would expect from a social networking source. This was not a classic “free money trade”, despite how it may appear on the chart…

2) I considered drawing up comments on various other charts such as the EUR, TSYS, Oil etc, but I felt the S&P500 nicely captured any key talking points.

Taking stock of events.

Taking stock of events.



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