10 May 2014 ~ London Underground Line Speeds

Just an ad-hoc piece of research of mine… Average London Underground Line Speed Comparison.

I won’t bother going in to the details. There were a few considerations to factor in to the calculations, e.g. number of stops, distance between stops. Be that as it may, I stand by these results.


8 May 2014 ~ Best Trade Of 2014 So Far?

Finally, a video worth showing:

Today Draghi gave a strong hint that the ECB will unleash something at the June meeting. While several major banks have apparently been anticipating some monetary stimulus from the ECB, the way Draghi practically spelled it out for us today prompted the Euro to drop severely.

Please watch this video for the crucial few moments today:

Something I am quite struck by is the general lack of GOOD reason to place a trade, on the Euro, or any other major Futures product. Take a look at this chart for instance. Volume is nothing to write home about, day after day, until at last Draghi breaks the deadlock. I think this underlines how important it is to keep your powder dry for the really good opportunities instead of getting your hands dirty in the constant chop.

Garbage, Garbage, Garbage... and then finally some action.

Garbage, Garbage, Garbage… and then finally some action.

7 May 2014 ~ Just Checking In

Rest assured, I am still recording all the markets during the day, and keeping a close eye on news flow.

I had high hopes for a video today. There seemed to be a constant flow of news regarding Putin, and also some words from Yellen. But after watching the tapes back, the market response was very lagged – basically a far cry from the sort of high-impact news Captain Harry Hindsight dreams about.

Today was a load of nonsense, as far as I’m concerned (as at 7pm UK time anyway).

Up, Down, Back to Square One

Up, Down, Back to Square One

5 May 2014 ~ Revealing 8-K Filings

I like to keep an eye on SEC filings. Every now and then I come across a funny one.

Filed 1 hour ago (as of this post), by AMERICAN GRAPHITE TECHNOLOGIES INC. [AGIN]

Not a good sign for any affiliated companies!

Not a good sign for any affiliated companies!

Current stock value:

Not in good shape anyway

Not in good shape anyway

Before you ask, yes, it is possible to short this stock (at least at the moment, in quantity of 30k shares)

Interactive Brokers

Interactive Brokers

4 May 2014 ~ Chart-Check

This caught my eye: a potential triple top on FTSE futures ?

Now clearly this is a bull market, so going short… doesn’t strike me as the best strategy. Nevertheless I can’t resist posting my weekend technical analysis (simpler, the better as far as I’m concerned).

"This is a bull market, you know!"

“This is a bull market, you know!”

2 May 2014 ~ 13:30 London Time ~ US NFP

As a general rule I don’t pay much mind to data releases. In an age of automated trading, I’m not sure if you’d have better luck at the casino. However, when a major data point misses expectation, as NFP this week did (6.3% unemployment rate vs 6.6% expected), I think it’s worth posting a video.

Obviously it would be nice to see the price ladders in addition to the charts – but screen space is limited.

1 May 2014 ~ Revealing 8-K Filings

For my own personal interest, I like to skim through the SEC 8-K filings. Sometimes you come across some pretty revealing submissions.
Where penny stocks are concerned, the media often overlook these entirely. I doubt there are more than a handful of people in the world who have seen what you are about to see:



I’m not suggesting there is a trading opportunity here. Not only have the price of these shares already been on a steady decline towards 0 for many months now, but stocks in small companies can be difficult or impossible to short. However, this is a great illustrative example of how reading SEC filings can turn up some interesting – and eventually profitable – ideas.