10 May 2014 ~ London Underground Line Speeds

Just an ad-hoc piece of research of mine… Average London Underground Line Speed Comparison.

I won’t bother going in to the details. There were a few considerations to factor in to the calculations, e.g. number of stops, distance between stops. Be that as it may, I stand by these results.


4 thoughts on “10 May 2014 ~ London Underground Line Speeds

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  2. Hi, this is really cool, would you mind if I used it for an article on London24, with credit of course? And have you made any charts like this before? Thanks.

    • Hiya !
      Of course not, go ahead.
      If you could refer credit to my full name (Michael McHugh) that would be great!
      I often make charts using data I am interested in yes, but my main focus is on financial markets rather than anything London-specific.
      Thanks again for your interest,
      Kind regards

      • Hey Mike – great data, but can I ask more about how you did it? I mean, is there a data source you used? I’d love to know more and follow up these stats for 2016.
        All the best

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