Repairing a cracked Nexus 4 in London

In hindsight, I ought to have been more careful last week while removing the Nexus 4 smart phone from my jean pocket. I dropped it on the pavement and it cracked the screen, killing all touch-screen functionality in the process.

After my fury subsided (and my hangover) I started Googling for the best repair options in London, and was surprised by the general lack of clarity on how best to go about it.

Opting against acquiring the parts and fixing it myself (time is money, after all), I ended up taking a few quotes for the repair – these ranging as high as a ridiculous £140 in Brixton. The phone itself is hardly worth this.

The solution I eventually arrived at – which may be useful to future Googlers of “nexus 4 screen repair London”, was to take it to the Carphone Warehouse “Geek Squad” next to Tottenham Court Road station.

There was a general sense of bewilderment/incompetence from the front desk there, and no SMS alert was received when the phone was eventually fixed (despite one being promised). But whichever Techie did fix the phone; he appears to have done a good job. The bill came to £80 but more importantly the repair can be done same-day if your timing is fortunate.

The most valuable commodity I know of is time!

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