3 September 2014 ~ Ukrainian President Poroshenko moves markets

Apologies that I have been unable to record my screen lately. Still, the 1 minute chart tells the story – there was ample opportunity to buy FDAX today on the back off comments from Ukrainian President Poroshenko – “Permanent cease fire” agreed with Putin…

While it is always possible to screw up just about any news-play trade, this one is as close to “free money” as you are likely to see.

Extra points if you were able to short on the back of the Russian denial an hour later!


15 August 2014 ~ 15:40 London Time ~ Ukraine attack Russian convoy

The market spotlight is on the conflict in Ukraine. Some news spooks various major Futures, notably FDAX which tumbles 50 points rapidly and, by the end of the day, had lost another couple of hundred points.

Big money to be made.