16 November 2014 ~ Excel solution

Just a quick post for those who might be suffering from the same:

Microsoft Excel (2007, but perhaps any version) had for a long time been causing me a headache: The act of “Copying” or “cutting” any cell, in any file, would take a couple of seconds. The lag was driving me nuts. Google offered many possible solutions but not worked for me. What it came down to was ‘HD Agent’, some service relating to “Bluestacks”, slowing me right down. I disabled it from the windows task manager services and now excel is running well again.

04 October 2014 ~ TESCO?

When I look at the TESCO chart I can’t help but be reminded of Gold:

a) A long period of relentless price gains
b) Several years during which a rough “descending triangle” pattern develops
c) A severe break to the downside, sharp enough to suggest fear in the market

I’m fond of many Warren Buffet quotes, including  “be fearful when others are greedy and greedy when others are fearful”

The mainstream media has been giving Tesco a hard time lately and it begs the question – has all the bad news finally been priced in? Tesco shares are heading for an old area of support (160p) and I will be curious to see if there’s a significant bounce.


For the sake of Mike Ashley let’s hope so.