09 September 2014 – 8-K Forms, KiOR Inc (KIOR)

Watch this space for KiOR Inc. to implode…

Stock price already bargain basement so I don’t see any value in shorting, even if you could get your hands on any stock to short.

Anyway, it’s always amusing to see a resignation letter in which the Director pans the company.




31 August 2014 – 8-K Forms, LIHUA INTERNATIONAL, INC. (LIWA)

Lihua International, Inc. (LIWA ticker) seem to be in a shambolic state. They cannot even get their own financial reports in order. Still, the share price is so low, and volume traded next to nothing, I’m not sure if there is an opportunity here or not.



19 June 2014 – 8-K Forms, CorMedix Inc (CRMD)

As regular readers (heh) will know, I like to scour 8-K forms.
Every once in a while I come across an interesting and/or funny one. My hope is that some of them will actually have value.

Does this 8-K filing for CRMD (CorMedix Inc.) justify taking a Short? Or at least investigating the possibility…

(This 8-K form was filed 17 June 21:15 London Time)


crmd_price resign_1 resign_2