09 September 2014 – 8-K Forms, KiOR Inc (KIOR)

Watch this space for KiOR Inc. to implode…

Stock price already bargain basement so I don’t see any value in shorting, even if you could get your hands on any stock to short.

Anyway, it’s always amusing to see a resignation letter in which the Director pans the company.



19 June 2014 – 8-K Forms, CorMedix Inc (CRMD)

As regular readers (heh) will know, I like to scour 8-K forms.
Every once in a while I come across an interesting and/or funny one. My hope is that some of them will actually have value.

Does this 8-K filing for CRMD (CorMedix Inc.) justify taking a Short? Or at least investigating the possibility…

(This 8-K form was filed 17 June 21:15 London Time)


crmd_price resign_1 resign_2