17 March 2014 ~ Just another quiet Monday

Sadly, I found nothing to justify a video update today. A few bits and pieces released during the session regarding Russia (of little or no consequence) and a handful of lower tier data releases was about as exciting as it got. Check back tomorrow.

In the meantime, I’ll take the opportunity to review a few charts for my own amusement…

I periodically like to remind myself of the apparent madness of Retail (bedroom) traders:

Retailers have it wrong again!

Retailers have it wrong again!

Is now a good time to buy FTSE 100 futures?

Is now a good time to pull the trigger?

Is now a good time to pull the trigger?

Or are the equity markets starting to run out of steam at long last?

Are we nearing the end of this incredible bull market?

Are we nearing the end of this incredible bull market?

WEEKEND REVIEW ~ 15 March 2014 ~ Harry Hingsight Play Of The Week

I think the award of “Best Play” has to go to Mario Draghi, whose statement on Thurdsay, 13 March, provided a potentially lucrative sell on EUR/USD (6E Futures).
Let’s take another look:

In an age of Machine-readable news, sometimes you have to be prepared to hit the trade button the very instant you see the market jerking in to life, and the Squawk Box microphone clicking on. Waiting to hear the full headline often means you are too late already.

14 March 2014 ~ Russia has “no plans to invade Eastern Ukraine”

The first few hours of the EU session had a “Risk Off” feel to it, albeit with some strength seen on the gold market too.
Both ES and FESX came under consistent selling pressure, as mirrored by gains on FGBL and ZN – with some news media placing the blame on tension over Crimea.

As far as the Harry Hindsight Highlight Reel goes, just one or two talking points:

* At 12:30 London time we saw the release of US PPI, all elements of which came in under expectations. The market response was fairly muted.

* At 13:55 London time we saw the release of US Prelim UoM Consumer Sentiment, again, considerably lower than expected, but again, limited market response.

* 15:42 London time. Arguably the biggest talking point of the session was a statement from Russia’s Foreign Minister Lavrov: “Russia has no plans to invade Eastern Ukraine.”
The market seemed to breath a sigh of relief with both ES and FESX rallying at the expense of Gold and Treasuries.